V2 prototype boards have arrived

Many thanks to the awesome team at JLCPCB. I’m really impressed by the speed and the exceptionally low prices. I ordered a set of prototype boards for the V2 design on Oct 28th and they arrived today at my door. Total 8 days including shipping from China.

Here it is 150x105mm 2 layer board:

I ordered the 2660 drivers also from JLC, but I don’t like the red mask color:

The 2660 driver is 4 layer board with “gold fingers” – this is code for the board edge PCIe connector.

The purple board is the 2209 driver. That board is from ohspark. No much difference between the two, except the ENIG finish is standard on oshpark and the purple color is dope. The JLC board comes with a little chamfer around the connector, which is nice.

This is what the driver board looks like plugged in a PCIe slot.

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  1. That purple does look dope as hell. Have you considered porting Klipper to your design? They already have a STM32 branch, might be as simple as updating a pins definition file. Just a thought.

    1. I agree Klipper should be easy to port. I did try it way back, maybe two and a half years ago and it was doing strange things. I did like the concept so maybe it has grown to be useable.

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