Jaguar D2B CD-changer details

Many people ask how to build one. Let me tell you it is not very easy.

The device consists of two parts a D2B audio controller and a Raspberry PI which handles the Bluetooth streaming. The latest version of the unit user Raspberry PI Zero – the regular, not WiFi version.

The two boards connect together via 40 pin header. The D2B unit receives audio via I2S protocol from the Rapsberry PI. The two units also communicate via serial interface. The Raspberry PI is powered by the D2B audio unit. The D2B audio unit also can reset the Raspberry PI board if it is not responding to serial commands.

Here is the schematics of the D2B unit. Jaguar D2B board There are two unmarked diodes D201 and D301, part number should be 1N4148WS in SOD-323F package. LEDs are generic type in 0805 package – any color of your choice would work.

The micro-controller is Cypress PSOC4 4100 series. Here is the firmware it is running. You need to use an SWD programmer to load the firmware onto the board. The cheapest one is probably the CY8CKIT-043 kit. The small board with the USB connector can be snapped and used as SWD programmer independently.

The Gerber files that one can use to make the PCB.

The fiber optic connector is 3D printed. Here are the model files. There are 3models for the 3 parts of the connector. The optical receiver is EAPLRBA0 the transmitter is EAPLTBA0

Instructions how to built the software for the Raspberry PI board.

You would need a micro-sd card for the Raspberry PI and a Bluetooth USB dongle (The ones marked with CSR 4.0 work fine)

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  1. Hi, I just purchased one of your Jaguar Bluetooth devices. Could I have a PDF for this as I purchased int via Facebook 2nd hand, thanks Sean

  2. Getting Started guide:


    User guide:

    Firmware update procedure:

    Some useful codes you can enter by pressing the different CD numbers:

    Hard coded in D2B block
    525 – reset
    526 – send shutdown and then reset.

    Rpi firmware
    522 – perform FW update
    534 – clear paired BT devices (added in V 3.1)

  3. Hello
    I recently own an x-type with original CD changer.
    I tried to install a cdc alpine/ mercedes mc3520 MP3 , but the audio system does not see it .
    Given your -immense- experience
    you know if there’s a chance to pair it with some surgery.
    Thank you

    1. Unfortunately it is my experience both systems are not quite compatible. Jag issues one extra command to the cd-changer which is not handles by the Benz units.
      I believe I have tired Jag unit in a Benz setup and that works, but it was a very long time ago and I might be mistaken.
      Benz unit did not work with the Jag radio, the headunit would not recognize the changer at all. There were talking on the D2B bus, but did not like each other. Again it was 7-8 years ago since I tried that experiment.

  4. Hi Venelin,

    Around a year ago I bought from you one of your devices. It works like a charm but recently after I got some update to my Samsung S10+ system lost an ability to skip tracks (from driving wheel and from the car audio unit). Car shows on the display that the song has been changed, but my phone doesn’t do anything. It happens whatever app I am using on my phone. I know the issue is not related to your device as I did check it with different phone and skipping tracks (with that same app installed on) works perfectly. My question is have you ever heard about such an issue, and maybe you have some solution for it. Any help will be appreciated.

    Best regards

    1. I would guess it has something to do with the AVRCP protocol on the S10+. You can confirm by pressing the play/pause on the console it would not have any effect either on the S10+. On your other phone it would pause and continue playing the music.

      I found this comment (, how to change the AVRCP version on the phone. You can give it a try.

  5. Veffremov, I’ve been all over the internet looking for a good way to have Bluetooth audio in my 2008 XJ VDP. Is there somewhere I can buy your device, or is building one myself according to your instructions my only option? I have no experience doing so.



    1. Matt, I don’t make these devices anymore. It has been over 2 years since I sold the last one. You can probably buy a used one on or ebay, but offers are rare. An alternative is to add a regular aux-in port and use one of the many BT-to-aux devices. To add aux in port you can try to find a Jaguar ACM module; hack a rear entertainment control unit; or modify the radio unit. For the last two options there are some instructions on


      1. Thanks for letting me know – I’ve tried finding the Jaguar ACM or one of your devices for sale, but haven’t had luck yet. My XJ doesn’t have rear entertainment either. I will check the forum for a way to modify the radio unit to the aux input. Thanks again! You are a celebrity on the forum – lol!


  6. My father gave my daughter his old 2006 VDP Jaguar x-type that is in pretty good condition. It has everything but the VACM …and no bluethooth access to music (phone works). I see the information on here to build the device you made, but I was wondering if you had any photos of the 4.2 version of the board complete. Although I am not an engineer (just a software developer), I thought I’d have a go at getting the board made and soldering on the components. I also was wondering if a Pi zeroW might not be useful now since there are A2DP libraries for it (was considering this yocto setup
    Thanks for any reply, …and definitely for all the work you put into this and making this possible

  7. I have module with SN: 000045 v2 sticker on the outside and am experiencing issues w/ the unit: it turns on, but after a few seconds, it shuts down. I was hoping to grab the latest firmware and update it to see if that would resolve it, but the firmware links are no longer valid. Do you still have the latest firmware somewhere that I could download?

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