PRNTRboard update

The TMC2130 version of the PRNTRboard is working very well. I’ve been using it for over 6 months on my soldering robot project. It is very stable and reliable.

I didn’t have time polishing the Marlin firm ware for it. I wanted to make the SD-card work on the F407 Nucleo-64 replacement board. Alas every time I look at the Marlin code, I loose all hope and start doing something else.

A few months ago I started working again on the TMC2660 version. This was the first variant I routed successfully, but I ran into trouble with controlling the drivers over SPI and switched my effort to the TMC2130 version. Long story short, when the TMC2130 was in a good shape I started looking back at the TMC2660 version. It is on rev 5 now and I’m really happy with the layout. In my opinion it looks much better than the TMC2130.

I managed to produce a working Marlin firmware for the TMC2660 board and tested a few motors. So far it works like a charm.

My only gripe is that while the mate black finish looks awesome, it is absolute PITA to clean the solder residue from it. I washed this board 3 times and you can still see some spots on it.

As a kick all thru-hole pins on the Nucleo-F407 board underneath are soldered using my soldering robot. On the TMC2660 I soldered the two headers with the robot.

Last but not least I started working on a version with TMC2209 drivers – these are quite capable and low cost compared to other Trinamic offerings.

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  1. So, maybe a dumb question but while I have great soldering skills I have no idea where to send the KiCAD files off to get one of these boards made. Any recommendations on where I could get one or two bare boards made and what I can expect that to set me back?

  2. If you just want the PCB, my best recommendation would be You can order 10 board for $29, shipping is another $16.

    If you want it assembled, that is major $$$ for a board or two.

    Components (BOM) cost for the TMC2660 (the most expensive) board is about $45, out of these $30 are the 5 driver chips alone.

    You also need the CPU board that is about $15.

    I can probably send you some of the prototypes I have lying around. Send me an email at

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