The unsung hero – my first 3D printer

I got this great 3D printer – the Rigidbot – from Kickstarter. The project was only a year late, but they delivered excellent kit. As with many 3D printers it has become a labor of love.

Here it is pictured with a few upgrades, thanks to the excellent community wiki page as well as the Google Plus forum.

I printed so many connectors and parts for the CD-changer emulator project. It never broke down on me.

I changed the connector to the bed heater because the original was prone to melting down.  There are a few excellent upgrades for the printer offered by Peter Stoneham. I have his single extruder mount; ingenious belt tensioners; metal bearing holders. I also printed a few excellent mods by Walter Hsiao. He wrote an excellent article summarizing his updates.

The hotend is E3D V6 with an auto-leveling probe. I still use the original controller board with Marlin 1.1.8 and the original power supply. This GitHub repository has all the latest updates and modifications for Peter’s extruder,  16T pulleys & auto leveling probe.

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