First public release – CD-Changer emulator for Jaguar cars with D2B fiber optic bus

I was very happy reaching this point. I was quite a few years of effort, but finally, here it is. Something I can offer to people – a useful product. A device which emulates the car CD-changer and lets you stream music from your phone via Bluetooth.

Following a short beta test period, this is the re-designed look of the CD-Changer emulator. The fiber-optic control board is now on top of the Raspberry Pi. You can see the fiber-optic transmitter glowing in red through the connector plastic housing.

The board says V3.0 because V1 was the “beta” device and V2 never saw the light of day. The board has the D2B controller OCC8001 as well as a Cypress ARM M0 micro-controller and finally power supply circuit.

Here are a few more pictures.

Naturally, I misspelled the URL on the board, should be Brain does not function as well as it once was I guess.

11 Replies to “First public release – CD-Changer emulator for Jaguar cars with D2B fiber optic bus”

  1. Hi I would like to buy one… Can you please contact me on and we can discuss…. I have a jag s type 2007 I don’t have a cd changer in the trunk but I do have the d2b and power connecter there… Will this work… Also I am in the uk


        1. Hello,
          did you take on the project for the D2B bt dongle?
          Is there any chance to buy one for a Mercedes d2b?

  2. Do you happen to have one in surplus. Text me 2143926917 US.

    I would pay good money if you do.


  3. Hi,

    awesome work! Have you considered opensourcing the project if you do not plan on reviving it? I am pretty sure a lot of people would hugely appreciate it!


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