3D printed fiber-optic connector

I could not locate any source to purchase the fiber-optic connector used in  Jaguar cars, so I 3D printed one.

I managed to find an optical transmitter and receiver pair working at around 650nm wavelength. They were compatible with the signal in the car, so here it is optical connector replacement in all it’s glory.

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  1. Hello and Congratulations,

    what a stunning project. I am planning a similar project, but for Mercedes. The problem with the D2B connector is the same, but I didn’t manage to find a transmitter/receiver pair that fits. Could you tell me which ones you use?

    Regards, Oliver

  2. Dear Mr. Venelin,

    I admire the work you have done!
    Really THANK YOU for sharing!
    I am planning to try and re-create a copy of your device.
    Could I kindly ask for your assistance?

    I have searched through the “OpenBT” source files, but haven’t found any firmware images for the micro-controller. Was it included in the link you’ve provided on the jaguarforums.com?

    Also, I’d like to ask whether you would be sharing the 3d model’s files?

    Thank you for your support!

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